New Age of Genomics for Sale Bulls- what is under that hide?

21st Apr 2016

This year we took the plunge and the K drop bulls have all been tested with the Zoetis HDi50K DNA genetic worth MVP predictions and have also been parentage verified. Not a single error or query on parentage across the drop- good to know our systems works. 

The bulls have outstanding MVPs which Zoetis reported as an 'elite cohort of bulls'  with impressive results across the whole group, which isn't often seen. Many of the bulls delivered top 1-7% results for the multiple traits we have selected on for years- Calving Ease, Adjusted Daily Gain, Growth for 200D and 400D Wt, EMA, Carcase Wt and Yield. These breed ranking results are against all of the Genetic testing done on Angus cattle in Australia/ NZ rather than a single year cohort. 

Great to confirm our bulls carry the geneotype to perform, even though our environment may not  always allow them to express their full potential phenotype. Our bulls are presented in strong paddock condition, ready to go out and work well for you and will be on offer for sale at 1pm Saturday 4th of June 2016, on property Coldawinda, Tenterfield, NSW. We look forward to seeig you there.

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