Fire on Coldawinda

23rd Feb 2019

On 23rd Feb 2019 a fire swept across Coldawinda Tenterfield after starting with sparks from  power lines on our neighbours property. Due to the fantastic efforts of the Tenterfield community who responded on mass, the RFS including all of the out of town crews that were stationed up here , four water bombing choppers and two jet water tankers from Sydney, we and our neighbours were fortunate not to lose our homes. However the fire burnt out 70% of Coldawinda and 95% of our standing winter pasture feed and fences. Definitely a day that we all will remember. The boys and the dogs did a great job getting stock out of the path of the fire. On top of the drought I the eastern seaboard, this is not a picture you wish to see of your farm. Our drought plan went from Plan A to about Plan F in the space of two hours as the fire roared through. Very thankful to all that assisted us on the day and in the following weeks.