The following sires have progeny for sale at Alumy Creek. This 2020 season the majority of bulls on offer are all rounders off grass or grain calving ease and high growth to suit heifers or cows. There will be bulls available by the calving ease growth muscle and high carcass performance specialists Baldridge Compass, LD Capitalist 316, and Musgrave Apache,  feedlot performance sires Esslemont Lotto, KCF Bennett TheRock and Connealy Sandman as well as the consistent power & muscle bulls with leading feed efficiency sires Freys Opportunity and Vision Unanimous for elite performance off grass or on grain, as well as our own outstanding all round performance and type bull Carabar Wheelwright H215 (Carabar Dockland's natural brother).



316 is big heavy muscled, deep ribbed and super sound with great feet and structure. Combines extreme calving ease with powerful carcase performance, substance and great Angus type with style. Very attractive progeny that are deep flanked, thick and wide based easy doing cattle. On inspection in the US Colin felt 316 was one of the best Angus bulls he had seen and would develop into a global super sire which he has. Do yourself a favour and use his sons with confidence to add consistent quality and profit to your cow herd.

Baldridge Compass


The pick of the 8 ET full brothers in the Baldridge Bull Sale which grossed over $1 million for the flush. Brothers have since sold to $580,000 from his super sound high value breed leading dam. Compass progeny have great structure, thickness and muscle expression in a balanced curve bending low birth wt, high growth carcass package. His sons were sale toppers and well received in our 2019 sale and we have been very happy with the maternal performance of his daughters.  Check out his quality big muscled sons and grandsons in our 2021 sale.



TheRock really combines it all in a powerful Angus phenotype package. We love his sons and daughters for their great quiet temperament, excellent calving ease for a fast growing good footed and well structured animal that weighs heavy. They are smooth well muscled super long bodied with great hindquarter and excellent marbling and carcase in a moderate frame package. His first calf daughters have done a great job on their calves and grown into very good productive cows. Check out his sons selling in our 2021 sale to add some real power and Angus type with the numbers as well back into your herd.

Freys Opportunity


Terrific style and growth with added muscle shape. Real powerhouse scale and super correct structure with great temperament for your calves. Top 1% 200D, 400D, 600D Growth Carcase Wt & Retail Yield as well as top 1% Feed Efficiency - all the real world drivers for profit to add great performance to your herd. We have loved the structure, performance & longevity of the Freys Angus Ranch 410H cows in our herd & were happy to add more genetics from FAR into our breeders. With 70% of the Australian calves (30/40) born in our herd over 3 seasons, we have found him to be a moderate bwt, (Av actual 34kg over 30 calves) easy calving bull, reflecting his US figures for 300 calves. His Australian calving ease and birthwt EBVs will modify with more progeny and do not reflect his true breeding potential. Use his sons with confidence to add great feet and structure with powerful phenotype and growth to your bos indicus or euro x cross cowherds for high efficiency big profit black hided product with pussycat quiet temperament. Contrary to his EBVs his sons and daughters were our top IMF scanning animals in 2021. 

Rock Creek Rancher 1495

SirePA Full Power 1208
DamBAF Forever Lady 1080

Sleep easy all night calving ease bull produces small calves, great calving ease front and very impressive growth, muscling and Angus type with added marbling and maternal value. Rancher progeny continue to impress with awesome curve bending performance. Dam is beautifully bred performance cow to added quality maternal type. Sire one of the highest marbling bulls in the US. Use the Rancher bulls with confidence over heifers and for quality high value calves from your cows. Unfortunately only limited semen into Australia and the bull is deceased- he would be a repeat use sire if there was more availability on his semen.


DamEF RITA 3422

Long bodied grandson of the great Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 cow offers a combination of high calving ease, high value carcase quality and growth as well as high maternal value. From the same stud as global super sire EF Complement, sire of Compass, he is an easy doing carcase machine. His progeny have shown very impressive growth, muscling and angus type. No longer available in Australia, the daughters are something special and the sons have terrific type and quality. Some of the best bulls in the draft, don't miss them in our 2021 sale.

Vision Unanimous


Great phenotype and thickness- Colin was very pleased with Unanimous on visual inspection in the US and his calves here have great muscle expression and growth. His daughters keep condition and produce top calves, his sons have been performing very well in commercial herds, clients consistently commenting how quiet they are and easy to handle.

Connealy Impression


We have used Impression on both heifers and cows, producing small easily born calved that go on to produce great weaner and yearling weights. We also find them to be very easy doing structurally correct cattle with excellent foot shape. He is a great cow maker and his sons will excell if you are chasing easy calving and high growth weaner or yearling weights that are very quiet dispositions and have performed well in the paddock undersome tough conditions. People with Impression sons have reported easy calving, quick growing and heavy calves despite the dry season. Some of his first Australian sons sold for us in 2013, impressing many with their tremendous growth, depth and volume and added muscle and rib eye area. Impression currently ranks Top 5% for Tenderness, Top 10% for Profit and Top 25% for Feed Efficiency in the USA. Our Impression females have calved easily done a terrific job on their calves and gone back into calf quickly. US sons have sold well at many of the big breeders and several have gone on to be sought after AI sons.

Connealy Earnan

SireConnealy Concensus
DamBrazilia of Conanga

Connealy Earnan was the $235,000 high selling sale topper bull at the 2012 Connealy Sale, described as a fault free style of bull from a proven pedigree and an excellent set of figures. Earnan exhibits smooth muscle pattern and excellent thickness and depth of body. He produces real Angus beef bulls, not just bulls with high performance EBVs. Very limited amount of semen initially came into the country but we sold some of the first Earnan calves to sell in 2015 to a top price of $11,000 and they were great. An Earnan son sold as one of our sale toppers again in 2016. Once you use Earnan you keep coming back to him for the thickness, muscling and style of his calves- we have used him again for the 5th season and are still very happy with his progeny and their quiet temperament. We have had no calving issues and they certainly are thick beef bulls. Watch for his sons in our 2019 sale. An Earnan son, Musgrave Big Sky is the latest Australian feedlot performance sire being eavily useed in some of the biggest studs in the country.

Basin Excitement

SireBasin Expedition R156
DamBasin Lady S532 (by Vermillion Payweight)

Basin Excitement was selected for his proven calving ease and tremendous 200D, 400D and 600D growth. We have used him across our heifers and his calves on the ground here have all come 10-12 days early, are very vigorous and active. Basin Excitement was the top selling bull at the 2009 Basin Sale and it is easy to see why.  His daughters in production are very easy fleshing and have excellent udders and teat size. He is a very clean fronted, deep bodied performance sire offering an exciting performance genetics outcross with proven calving ease and easy fleshing that will also suit harder grazing conditions. We have found his sons to grow and really weigh well, and he definitely is a no worry heifer sire. His bulls sold to a top of $9000 at our 2015 sale and again sold well as  sleep easy calving ease heifer bulls in 2016. We offer a few more Basin Excitement calves again in 2017.

Connealy Sandman


Great calving ease, growth and carcase combo. Colin got to inspect this bull in the freezing daytime frost in Canada- liked his size and structure for an elite marbling bull. Use Sandman sons to add that extra super fine marbling fleck and smooth muscle carcass value.

PA Ranch House


Consistent low birth wts coupled with high performance weaning and yearling growth wts and top carcase traits make Ranch House a very appealling sire. These sre the traits we like to select for. They are great skinned cattle, very easy doing with terrifc spring of rib, depth of body and overall muscle pattern and  thickness. Both bulls and heifers are consistent type and stand out as a sire group. The first sons sold well for us in 2019 to a sale topping $13,000.

MACTL Pure Product 903-55

SireConnealy Final Product
DamM A Esta 55-252

We selected Pure Product for his great phenotype combining both muscle and style with structural correctness. His produces calves with easy fleshing ability, added depth of rib, heavy muscling and good foot shape. Pure Product is sired by Final Product from a powerful WAR Alliance/ Traveler 044 dam. He was the $37,000 high seller bull at Musgrave Angus in 2010 and has sired some very correct stylish cattle for us. With very few Pure Product progeny available for sale in Australia we offered bulls in 2014 that were very well received and have done well in the paddock and we again sold sons in 2015.

Jindra Double Vision

SireConnealy Reflection
DamHoff Rachel 8312 405

Phenotypically Double Vision is a powerful, wide based, deep bodied heavyweight bull on structurally solid feet and legs that combines the top genetics of three well respected US performance breeders in Connealy, Hoff and GDAR. His first calves in 2015 have been impressive, low birth wts, good calving ease and excellent early growth and really weigh on the scales. They have plenty of style and really nice muscle shape, an excellent hindquarter with terrific thickness along the topline and down the hindquarter. We offer his first sons for sale in 2017.

Carabar Wheel Wright H215

SireThe Grange Wheel Wright D6
DamCarabar Blackcap Mary B12

Our walking sire and natural brother to AI sire Carabar Docklands out of Booroomooka Tracey but a natural mating by the popular AI sire owned by Carabar and Kansas Angus Studs- The Grange Wheel Wright D6. His pedigree combines some great australian genetics. We have been very pleased with the Carabar H215 calves, like him they have added neck extension and extra body length, a strong topline and good hind quarter and performance profile with excellent growth and weights. He has bred very well over our cows and we offered his first sons in 2017 which had a very balanced set of EBVs and will be very flexible at targetting the full range of markets. They were our top averaging sire group at over $8000 and he was also the sire of our top priced bull at $10,000.

Musgrave Apache


Great calving ease, carcase, thickness and style- a very good footed bull from the Musgrave herd adds a big square hindquarter to your cattle. Sleep easy heifer bull that has also developed a name for superior fertility and as a good cow maker for replacement females to build a herd upon. He has produced peas in a pod consistent progeny for us.

Poss Element


Poss Element combines top 10 % Calving Ease with top 10% weaning and yearling growth weights. He is a definite sleep easy all night heifer calving ease sire with small easily born calves that add growth, muscle and hind quarter to value add your heifer's calves. His femaless have made easy keeping great looking cows with nice tidy udders that do a great job on their calves. First sons sold well for us in 2019.

Deer Valley All In


Deer Valley All In is an Australian Feedlot favourite already a trait leader for Calving Ease, 200, 400 & 600 Day wts, Milk, Carcase Wt and Retail Yield. He has produced long smooth muscled sons for us wit good all round performance.



Lotto is an Australian pedigree bred bull with high feedlot value and replacement female performance in his progeny. Slick coated, good skinned with added rounded muscle expression and great tops. We used Lotto as a heifer bull, make sure to check out his 1st calf heifer sons on offer in particular Lot 2 son NKEL036 who has been stamped in the Lotto style with balanced EBVs and looks just like his sire.

Flag Cross Country

SireBT Crossover 758N
DamSCR Queen Idelette (by Triple E Special Addition)

Flag Cross Country is a BT Crossover son. His sire impressed many Australians visiting the US but was unable to meet semen import criteria into Australia. Flag Cross Country was a crowd favorite and Reserve Champion Bull at the 2012 National Western Stock Show in the US. He offers calving ease, growth, strong carcase and an outcross pedigree to many genetics. He is an outstanding individual with tremendous phenotype adding performance and carcase merit to his offspring. His calves are more moderate in frame with excellent hindquarter setup and structural correctness. We were very pleased with his calves which which included a 1st place winning heifer at the 2014 Brisbane Ekka, and local champion heifer for us in the 2014 show circuit. His bulls sold well for us in 2015 and we have heifers in production so watch for their sons in our 2017 sale.

EXAR Upshot

SireSitz Upward
DamEXAR Barbara T020

Upshot is a stout and attractive high Beef $ Value sire who adds power, phenotype and red meat yield with added docilty compared to his popular sire Upward. Upshots calves are standouts in the paddock and really perform well in the feedlot with 4 star carcase merit. He has produced well structured, well muscled attractive calves for us. His first sons sold well in 2015 and we had outstanding Upshot sons topping our sale in 2016. We have also been very pleased with the production from his heifers for us. In 2017 we offer the last of his son, again they are outstanding individuals.


SireGardens Prime Star
DamKCH Eline

Haas GPS was selected as an outcross high marbling value sire for those that can add a bit of IMF whilst retaining muscle and added weight in the progeny. He produces calves with excellent hindquarter thickness and sound structure and foot shape, making him a valued alternative to many of the high IMF bulls currently popular.He was the sire of the 2015 Texas Angus Stud Sale topper at $45,000 and has produced soe good heifers for us. He will make a good maternal bull. We offer several bulls out of heifers for sale in 2016.

Connealy Final Product

SireConnealy Product 568
DamEbonista of Conanga 471

Connealy Final Product has really impressed us with his ability to sire structurally correct very well muscled progeny. We have used him for 2 years on both cows and heifers and are very pleased with his calving ease and tremendous muscle expression along the spine and through the hindquarter. Final Product is currently a trait leader for both 200D and 400D weight as well as short gestation length, and positive fat- a great trait to allow early finishing and flexible market options, as well as assisting in getting thiose females back in calf quickly. His first Australian sons sold for us in 2014 and were very well received, and we retained a Final Product son Alumy Creek Final Product H16 for use as a heifer sire in our stud herd. Watch for Final Product grandsons in the 2017 sale.

SAV Thunderbird


Thunderbird needs no introduction with close to 2500 progeny on the ground in Australia. He offers excellent calving ease coupled with strong weaning and yearling performance wts. He produces heavy muscled thick cattle in an easy fleshing and finishing package. Use his sons over your heifers with confidence.

T C Aberdeen 759

SireC R A BEXTOR 872 5205 608

It is easy to see what everyone is talking about with this bull. We were one of the first studs to use him in Australia and we have continued to use him for 4 years. We have found Aberdeen to be a really easy calving bull with standout explosive growth in his calves. He represented an out cross pedigree, producing structurally correct offspring with plenty of carcase and growth. His daughters have nice udders and have plenty of milk to put into their calves- they have been great hard working cows for us with thick heavy calves on the scales. The Aberdeens are easy to pick in the paddock, have been crowd favorites at our  2012, 2013 and 2014 bull sales. Our last son sold in 2015. They have performed well in the showring for us- being class winners at the Brisbane Ekka in 2011 and 2012- as well as Junior Champion Heifer in 2011 and numerous local show champions. Semen from Aberdeen is no longer available. He also sired the Australian Record Priced Angus bull for $110,000 at KO Angus in August 2012. Watch for the Aberdeen grandsons in the 2016 bull sale.

Rennylea Edmund E11

SireBooroomooka Undertaken
DamLawsons Henry VIII Y5

Edmund offers a combination of australian genetics and is known for his excellent Calving Ease and low birth wt combined with positive fats and top EMA and Marbling (4.1 IMF) Breedplan figures. His is an excellent heifer bull with the added bonus of excellent breed leading carcase traits. His sons have been very popular sale toppers at 2016 bull sales. We used an Edmund son for our heifer joinings, so if you are looking for added IMF and calving ease for your heiferskeep an eye out for the Edmund sons in the 2017 sale.

SAV Pioneer 7301


Pioneer has produced thick easy doing well muscled bulls with great temperament for us. Structurally correct and with added capacity they will add the kilos to your calves. They are structurally correct and have been Ekka class winners for us in 2012. Pioneer sons sold well in 2013 being some of the top bulls of the draft and we alos used a son as a heifer joining sire in the stud herd. Several Pioneer grandsons will sell in 2017.

Sydgen CC&7


CC&7 was the #1 bull for docility in the US for 2 years running with his son Hoover Dam at # 2. His sons have been sought after to add docility to herds. We have found him to produce quiet bigger framed smooth and well muscled calves that have very good structure. He combines low birth wt and calving ease with good growth and muscle expression and the females look like they will make great cows. Several sons are standouts exhibiting true 'B' muscle profiles and were top sellers in our 2013 sale. His 2yo daughters have calved easily and are doing a great job on their Basin Excitement calves. We liked the sons he produced for us and have retained and used a son in our stud herd, impressed by his natural muscle and B butt profile and excellent sound structure. Watch for our G12 calves in 2017.

Ellingson Plateau

SireLT Territory
DamEA Blacklass

Plateau progeny are consistant performers with great structure and a very balanced set of EBVs. He is already a trait leader in Australia for 200 and 400 Day Growth, with limited first progeny selling in 2017.  Limited usage in Australia included Anvil and Texas Angus Studs. Excellent phenotype and great early performance for producing those vealers or short fed domestic calves. Has the pedigree to produce easy keeping high performance replacement females. Combines some of the best traditional old great sires that built the Angus breed. First sons sell for us in 2018.

Mohnen Dynamite


Dynamites have explosive growth and his sons have been sale toppers for us in 2011, 2012 and 2013. They have also been saletoppers for several other top australian angus studs. Dynamites have great toplines and thickness and really continue to grow on and add the kilos. His daughters are all of atype- long bodied and good milkers and have continued to produce some excellent calves in the herd for us. Watch for the Dynamite grandsons in the 2017 sale.

Alumy Creek Gin and Tonic G12

IDAlumy Creek Gin and Tonic G12
SireSydgen CC&7
DamAlumy Creek Trilogy C09 (by Final Answer)

A very heavily muscled low birth wt sire out of one of our easiest doing high fleshing big volume Final Answer cows. An excellent heifer joining sire who topped our sale in 2013. He featured a true B+ butt muscle shape and we were so impressed that we bought him back to use as a heifer sire. We have been very impresseed with his progeny and offer super quiet well muscled, easy doing sons in the 2017 sale.

Alumy Creek Final Product H16

SireConnealy Final Product
DamTrilogy E03 by Mytty In Focus x Final Answer X 878

We have been super pleased with the H16 calves- like his sire Connealy Final Product, the H16 calves have great appeal, added muscle and capacity- all in a very easy calving low birthweight package. H16's dam Alumy Creek Trilogy E03 has really developed into a great breeder for us with a pick standout calf every year. An E03 son was equal top priced bull at $9000 in the 2016 Bull Sale. Watch out for his sons in our 2017 sale, they are nice square topped, easy doing super well muscled bulls- with balanced EBVs and extra calving ease.

Alumy Creek Edmund L004

IDAlumy Creek Edmund L004
SireRennylea Edmund E11
DamAlumy Creek Nancy J02 by Basin Excitement

Solid well muscled Edmund x Basin Excitement Heifers 1 st calf and bred for calving ease and low birth wt with added carcase value. We have used this bull heavily and look forward to his calves