About Us

Alumy Creek Angus is a family business operated by Colin Keevers and Lisa Martin and their sons Thomas and Lachlan. We have bred registered Stud Angus cattle since 1987 and are proud of our operation selling Stud Angus bulls and females each year. We are passionate about breeding Angus and have been encouraged by the support and feedback from the customers that have bought our bulls and cows over the years.

Our goals are very simple, focus on the female and select for the balanced qualities we want in our cow herd. We focus on the commercially relevant traits of fertility and longevity, aiming for a cow that can breed back, hold her condition, calve unassisted, thrive on grass and wean more than half her body weight every year. Plus produce a calf with superior quality carcase performance on grass or in the feedlot. 

We are located in a tough environment without the benefit of irrigated and sown crops and our cattle are selected with the ability to forage for their feed. They are not early weaned, lot fed silage or grazed on crop. We aim to produce and have for sale Angus bulls that are big, heavy muscled and easy fleshing that will sire calves that weigh on the scales because that is what our customers are paid on. We also expect our bulls to have a good temperament and be easy to work with and our clients always comment on this.

Our cow herd is built on 10-12 multi generations of industry leading global sire pedigrees that very few herds in Australia could match. 

We have not just decided to get into seed stock Angus cattle because the season or market is good, Angus cattle are our passion and our business. We truly believe they are the best breed for the Australian beef industry. We like their quiet temperament and appreciate all their maternal qualities as well as the carcase attributes in our herd.

We focus on fertility and longevity in our cow herd, breeding for sustainable balanced performance. We dont select just to add up the numbers or along single trait selection. We know cattle with good EBV figures also need to have great structure and temperament and can be easy to work with when you select for temperament too.

Our cattle have a full herd health program including testing negative for Pestivirus and BJD for over 30 years. We are located in a cattle tick free area and our herd is also fully vaccinated for 7in1, Pestivirus, 3 Day and Vibrio so bulls can go straight out to work.

Our Angus cattle work for us. Contact us and we would be pleased to show you how they can work for you too. Please view our Angus Bull Sale and Angus Female Sale pages .